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Album Review: Repeater’s We Walk From Safety


We Walk from Safety

I AM Recordings

Release Date: August 2, 2011


Track Listing

1.      Yours and Mine

2.      Finally A Place

3.      To Swallow Lost Goodbyes

4.      Patterns

5.      Black and Selfish Love

6.      Hold Back the Tide

7.      Knowing Every Weakness

8.      This is the Last Time

9.      Keep the Sun From Rising

10.  The Stars Spell Out Your Name

11.  Arms Upon the Ground



Robert Wallace – keyboards

Matt Hanief – guitar

Alex Forstyhe – drums

Steve Krolikowski – vocals, guitar


Formed in 2004, the Long Beach, California-based quartet of Repeater can trace some of the origins to the start and seemingly inevitable dissolution of dark wave act the Main Frame after the release of a full length album Curse of Evolution and an unreleased EP. Steve Krolikowski and keyboardist Robert Wallace invited drummer Alex Forstyhe to continue with a new project largely influenced by 80s and 90s New Wave, alternative and indie rock, and art rock. We Walk from Safety is the quartet’s second full length release on I AM Recordings. Despite the fact that the musicians help to create a moody, tense, atmospheric feel, the album itself unfortunately feels derivative and watered down – in fact, it draws easy comparisons to U2’s The Unforgettable Fire, the Fixx, the Church, the Alarm and copycat bands such as Editors, the Killers and others. Strangely enough, Krolikowski’s  whispered and growled  vocals are reminiscent of Live’s Ed Kowalcyzk’s vocal work on The Distance to Here and V but even more melodramatic — to the point of seeming like an annoying affectation.  There’s this attempt to desperately squeeze out every single drop of emotion in Krolikowski’s lyrics and it just feels – well overwrought and overdone.

   Other than the fact that We Walk from Safety is slickly produced, I wish I could say more positive things about Repeater’s sophomore effort but unfortunately it’s one of the most enervating and downright frustrating albums I’ve heard in some time. Certainly, for their sake I hope that Repeater can show some sort of growth on their future efforts, if not they may only be a minor (and forgotten) footnote of their local music scene.  

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